The Stock Market Game

The Stock Market Game is an exciting simulation that gives students in grades 4-12 the opportunity to invest a virtual $100,000 for 10 weeks in real stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. At the end of the 10 weeks, teams with the highest total equity are eligible for a variety of prizes and awards.
Individuals Competitions and Family Competitions
1st Place- $250 added to your Youth Saving Account
2nd Place- $150 added to your Youth Saving Account
3rd Place- $100 added to your Youth Saving Accounts

Empower Your Child's Future with a Financial Literacy Program


Interested In Entrepreneurship. Work with Business Executive and Entrepreneurs to Help you with your business Ideas!

Every fall, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) launches a new set of challenges in the NFTE World Series of Innovation (WSI). We invite you to think big and submit your ideas to advance the UN Global Goals. The best entries win cash prizes and anyone between the ages of 13 and 24 is eligible to enter.

The Living On Your

Own Experience

The Living On Your Own Experience (LOYOE) gives young people (high school students) the opportunity to imagine their lives as young, employed adults. They are given random occupations, incomes, and family compositions (i.e. children, spouses, etc.).
They then visit tables and interact with adult volunteers as they make spending decisions about various aspects of life including transportation, housing, childcare, clothing, credit, and others.
Through the learning exercise, they learn about managing money, living within their means, identifying spending priorities, saving and dealing with unexpected expenses.
It’s a great experience and a different way to teach personal finance.
The Make Cents Book Club
Our Book Club motivates children to read by rewarding their reading accomplishments with cash prizes, recognition and pizza!
Super Savers Account
The Make Cents Foundation will reward a student for saving money for a specific goal.
Students are chosen randomly based on essay submission and have a chance to win a $25 contribution to their savings accounts.
The Georgia Save Program
At The Make Cents Foundation we have partner up with Credit Unions to Help Kids Save. With a High APY saving accounts and no fees. This will Help Get our kids to Save more with compound interest.

Savings and Scholarship Session is a send-off to graduating seniors as they embark on adulthood. Filling in the gaps in home economics and financial literacy, students will learn "adulting" skills to receive micro-scholarships.

The HOPE Child Savings Account (CSA) program provides qualifying Atlanta Public Schools (APS) kindergartners with a free savings account and a one-time deposit of $50. The savings account, managed by Operation HOPE, will be a starting point for savings reserved for expenses related to post-secondary education and career preparation.

The Dividends Brunch
Our fundraising event for adults to meet some of Atlanta's top Financial Advisors and learn about investing within a relaxed environment with drinks and dialogue. Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the student stock market competition and funding student Super Savers Accounts

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? ​do you need to gain control over your money before it controls you? ​are you looking for support and accountability?

No experience required. no matter where you are on this budget journey, join us. come with a list of your paycheck dates, expenses & bills and we'll plan for the upcoming month.

We will help pay off a bill for

ONE lucky attendee!

Family Fundz Day

Join us for a Family Fundz Day! A day where parent and kids come together and to talk and learn about finances. With Free Food, Movies, Games, Prizes and more you and your kids will walk away with memories and habits that will last for Generation.